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Black lace piping

April 5, 2011

Before you comment, the first picture is not my creation alas. Today’s post sadly doesn’t feature any actual cakes (though one is coming this week I promise). Instead are some musings and design-ings for something that is partly responsible for this blogs nativity – Operation Wedding Cake. Indeed, in under two months shall a cake be present at a wedding…that I have made. It is scary. It might help you to understand why so much of what is produced in this blog is critiqued visually by me…have you seen how smooth it is possible to get buttercream frosting? The inner aesthete rubs her hands together in glee. The rest of me trembles.

The wedding in question is Spanish and the colour scheme fittingly reflect this – with bridesmaids in black along with blue and purple flowers. I thus have a general idea for the cake: three-tier round, with black ribbon (satin or organza…I did want black lace but have not found anything yet) marking the bottom of each tier. Inside will be triple-layer rich chocolate cake, which you’ve seen before, with white chocolate Swiss Merengue Buttercream to frost (none of us like fondant icing).Blue and purple flowers topping the cake, and finally, I have in mind to try a black lace pattern along the top half of the smallest tier. Above are some examples which I truly admire (thank you Mr WWW and Google images). It looks very difficult, and is likely the sort of thing that if done amateurish will Not Look Good. However I am determined to try.

Thus this afternoon left me doodling as opposed to preparing a lab presentation. I came up with the above design based on those pictures, which I think shall be repeated around the circumference of the top tier. Practice runs shall be done soon on a curious polystyrene dummy that is apparently used for this sort of icing prep. I admit given my past experiences with less sinister colours, I am *very* worried about how my extremities will fare after I get my hands on Sugarflair black. If you’re lucky, I’ll post even if it looks awful. Stay tuned…


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