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Black lace piping #2

April 15, 2011

We’re getting well into wedding cake preparation. And with only…6 weeks to go this is not A. Bad. Thing. As soon as my new sugarflair Black Extra and offset spatula (too large for this mini cake, incidentally) arrived I was desperature to try the piping I mentioned two posts ago. Luckily I had a handy prop – a 4 inch polystyrene “cake”. This got iced, using the Swiss Meringue Buttercream I used for the two-tier celebration cake, left in the freezer for 10 mins, smoothed (see the workflow. Smoother buttercream! Yeah!), and then I sat down to pipe. Having run out of SMB, it was 50% this and 50% regular buttercream. A LOT of black extra went in as well. You can see why you need a pretty strong colour to mask the white of the icing. I inadvertantly ate some (though I DID wear gloves) and ended up with blue teeth.

Also to decorate I used some organza wired black ribbon (thanks, amazon). But why would you send your ribbon by recorded delivery kind seller? You may have forgotten I am also preparing for a marathon…I decided to run to the post office to get said ribbon, unfortunately after a 21 mile run 2 days previously my muscles had other ideas (mainly not contracting). So I had to cycle to the post office. It was all a big faff. I’m still undecided about the ribbon; I might try to procure some black satin ribbon. Madam bride needs to comment (ahem).

So anyways, the workflow went thus:

1: Make SMB, scaled down to enough for just the 4″ cake. (1 egg, 6 tbsp butter, 1/4 cup sugar…see here)

2. Ice cake. Use a scraper to make approx smooth (pic 2)

3. Leave in the freezer till not tacky to the touch. Then take a paper towel / new dishcloth, cover the part you want to smooth, and slightly iron out lumps and bumps with one hand or a smoothing tool (pic 3).

4. Prepare the black icing (using gloves). Load into two icing bags, one with a number 2 and the other with a number 4 nozzle. Pipe away! (pic 4)

5. Voila! Now…time to wonder what to do with the finished cake. Mine is still in the fridge. Anyone want to come over for some icing?

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  1. sugarmouse permalink
    April 15, 2011 10:11 pm

    Madam bride would like to congratulate her amazing cake maker on her icing. Looks awesome! Madam bride likes the current ribbon… And has some velvet one we can try??

  2. Dominique permalink
    April 15, 2011 10:28 pm

    I really like 🙂 does the piping go any thinner? Similar to the example of lace piping you showed? Or do you not have a thin enough nozzle? 🙂 aesthetically wise – I like the 4th image in the series of 4 at the end of this post as it works well using half the height of the cake 🙂 maybe a thinner ribbon? Half the size of the organza? I like I like I like, you can make my future cake! love you xx

    • April 16, 2011 1:02 am

      Thanks sister mine! That was a number 2 nozzle, I could maybe get a number 1, that is a good idea. Don’t forget though this little cake is tiny (3-4″ diameter) so the piping looks bigger than it will on the 6″ top tier of the wedding cake…

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